KITCHEN GALLERY as the name indicates that we are in the business of Manufacturing and Marketing of Modular kitchen services along with wardrobes, kitchen appliances and accessories. We started our operations in the year 2004 as a Marketing company for kitchen appliances and accessories. Gradually we expanded our business in to modular kitchen industry. Now we are having association with kitchen Manufacturing units. We are using the latest technology with the Global Standards, which gives world-class products from India and abroad. Within in a very short span of time we have installed more than five hundred kitchens in different parts of Kerala.


The expert interaction of all components and the brilliant combination of material, colour, architecture and light make kitchens come to life. We have always created fitted kitchens with design- and function-oriented product innovations in our very own Interior-Design-Studio. We develop exclusive kitchens oriented to the market and to our customers’ desires. Kitchen lovers can surpass themselves with KITCHEN GALLERY kitchens as there are no limits to individual kitchen planning. Whatever design elements customers ultimately end up choosing, a KITCHEN GALLERY kitchen is always the focus of domestic life, a place where family members converge and guests feel comfortable. With our innovative planning components and flexible modules, kitchens can be developed to suit your own personal vision.